About Us

Three world travelers fell in love with the Netherlands and the rest was history. Naturally being “foodies” one of our main priorities is experiencing culture through food. Traveling in the Netherlands many times we always went back to the stroopwafel. Coming home to the states we realized the only way to get a stroopwafel was to process products from the store. That wasn’t the same as a fresh warm stroopwafel you would get at a local market. Realization kicked in and we knew we had to share this amazing treat with all our local friends. extensive research, and endless amounts of education with the dutch we are now introducing an authentic stroopwafel with an American twist. As a family-run business, we put love into every bite in hopes to share the warm, FRESH, gooey stroopwafel with every family.

Daniel & Brianna.

Husband and wife duo that enjoys traveling whenever we can. Jesus is the center of our business and marriage, we hope to not only share the amazing stroopwafel but the word of God. High school sweethearts full of passion and love we strive to make as many memories as we can. We hope you enjoy the special feeling the stroopwafel has to offer.


The mother of Brianna we all share a bond through travel. After I visited many countries I found myself missing the Netherlands the most and of course the taste of the stroopwafel. I Went so far as to ship authentic stroopwafels from the Netherlands to America. I am extremely happy to have access and share the amazing taste. One bite always teleports me back to happy memories shared with my family. Faith and Jesus brought us to this point, we are so happy to bring such joy to the community.